Martin Freeman as Richard III

Hello fellow Martin Freeman fans,

is anybody out there who saw Martin as Richard III on stage at Trafalgar studios in London and wants to discuss/share his opinion? I saw the play last week and thought it was terrific. And I would love to share my thoughts with other fans!
  • abby_i

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse Preview & Q&A Photos

On Sunday I attended the season 3 'premiere' of Sherlock at the BFI. They showed the episode 'The Empty Hearse' and then held a Q&A afterwards.

I've posted what I'd consider spoiler free general thoughts about the episode (all under spoiler cuts though out of courtesy), as well as my photos from the talk over on my journal.

For those intersted in reading my thoughts or just wanting to look at the photos, you can find them here. :)